How do you create value through sustainability?

Staples (Winc)

Winc, formerly Staples Australia and Corporate Express Australia, is a leading business supplies company in Australia and New Zealand.

The Brief:

Staples Australia (now Winc.) required staff training on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting framework so that they could help their business to business customers make an informed choice in adopting more sustainable procurement practices. Staples Australia also required marketing collateral to be developed for their sustainability focused products. 

ZOOiD delivered:

  • Customised GRI training for internal staff in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Customised training materials including presentation slides, a customised learner guide and a customised trainer guide so that Staples Australia internal trainers could continue to deliver the training as required
  • Sector specific research into competitor’s sustainability reporting activities
  • Key sustainability messages developed in plain English around Staple’s environmentally and socially preferable products
  • A series of sustainability themed brochures and guides for internal and external audiences

Project outcomes: 

  • A greater level of knowledge amongst sales staff about sustainability and the GRI sustainability reporting framework which in turn led to confident communication with customers about Staples Australia’s sustainability reporting
  • An understanding amongst sales staff of how sustainability reporting is done by others within the sector
  • An understanding amongst sales staff about sustainable supply chain practices
  • An understanding of how Staples products contributed to sustainable procurement and the sustainable supply chain

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