How do you create value through sustainability?

About Us

ZOOiD helps you to tell your sustainability story by using best practice reporting methodologies. We do this by working closely with you and taking out the complexities of how to communicate this story, whether it is through sustainability or integrated reporting or other communications vehicles. We will work with you to determine how you can best achieve your sustainability objectives.

Our Vision

Consultants in any industry will often tell you that they are indispensable to your business. We don’t. We believe that our role is to help you become more independent as we work together. More knowledge.  More confidence.  We give you this knowledge and confidence by developing processes that are easily transferred to you.  You might wonder about this inbuilt obsolescence, but we call it true sustainability in action!  Many of our clients have stayed with us for years just because they like how we operate.

Our Network 

Collaboration in pursuing the best sustainable outcome is a wonderful thing. If special requirements are needed for your sustainability project in which we are not experts, we are happy to connect you with those that are experts in our network of sustainability professionals.  We also invite experts in various aspects of sustainability to join us in our projects. 

Our Affiliations

We believe that for ZOOiD to provide an excellent service to you, we also need to support and be supported by relevant professional associations. This ensures that we’re on top of the latest issues and trends in sustainability reporting, integrated reporting, environmental and social issues and communications.

ZOOiD is the first Certified Training Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Australia/New Zealand, as well as a GRI Gold Community member.